Inbound Marketing – what Singapore SMEs need to know about

Inbound marketing offers the best ROI

Inbound marketing process

Inbound marketing process for creating content that pulls customers to you

Inbound Marketing is increasingly becoming the most preferred Internet Marketing Strategy. Primarily because Inbound marketing offers the best ROI or lead conversion ratio as compared to traditional marketing.

Most Singapore businesses still use Tradition marketing methods such as :

  • buying ads in Print and Broadcast Media,
  • buying email lists,
  • buying leads
  • Outdoor Media – billboards, posters, banners
  • trade and consumer exhibitions

The list goes on.

Content Marketing puts maximum emphasis on creating valuable content

Inbound marketing or what is now called as Content Marketing puts maximum emphasis on creating valuable content that educates, builds trust and attracts or pulls buyers towards a company’s product or service.

When your content focuses on what your customers are looking for (problems, needs, desires, hobbies, etc.) it attracts a steady flow of interested customers or warm leads. When they share their contact details with you can gradually convert them into customers over time.

Typically you can convert leads into customers through the following four phases:

  • visitors
  • prospects/leads
  • customers
  • brand ambassadors

How to create an effective inbound marketing campaign?

Inbound marketing is all about problem solving. If your products and services solve your customer’s problems, you need to develop and share valuable content with those looking for the solutions you provide. This is the best online lead generation strategy for your business.

Inbound Marketing Strategies you can use

Content Creation and Distribution

These essentially are the two important components of your inbound marketing campaign. You content needs to provide relevant and useful answers to your customers’ search queries. Once you publish this content on your own website, go for a wide reach and share it on relevant forums such as Social Networks, Blogosphere, Email Marketing, Web 2.0 Sites and so on.

Content through the sales funnel

Customers begin their business relationship with you as strangers (attention) who share their contact details (interest) if they find your offerings useful (desire). You can then convert (action) them into customers. This is the basic concept of the Sales Funnel.

Content created to serve your customers through these stages eventually transform them from being strangers once into enthusiastic brand champions.

Customised content:

As you get better insights about the needs of your customers at different stages of the buying cycle, you can provide content tailored to their wants and needs.

Multi-channel approach:

Certain customer groups show affinity to a preferred content consumption channel. Inbound marketing takes into account this multi-channel nature of content publishing. The idea is to be in front of your customers in their preferred channels.

Integration with SEO:

Content creation and publishing needs to integrate with analytics tools such Google analytics. Analytics give you meaningful insights. This helps focus on producing the most relevant content and distributing it at the right place.

How can ContentFactory help Singapore SME’s?

We at ContentFactory have a systematic process of designing your content marketing strategy and then producing content for your website.

  • We balance two distinct needs – looking interesting to the search engines while being useful to your prospects.
  • Our content is persuasive enough to encourage visitors to your website into sharing their contact details or taking some action that makes them your prospects.

Contact us to see how we can help generate more qualified leads.

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